Nadine Partridge has been designing flowers for New York City's weddings, events and celebrations for more than a decade. She  has extensive experience crafting floral creations in TV, film and fashion . Her work has appeared in fashion journals, television, movies, magazines and publications like Brides, New York Magazine and Dossier Journal.

More about Nadine

What does your motto “FLOWERLIFE” mean?

For me, flowers are a way of life and lifelong passion. I was born on a flower farm in Sweden and one of my earliest memories was gathering wild-flowers, cloud berries and jumping on giant mushrooms to watch them go "Pouf!" in the forest that surrounded our property.  We grew up traveling a lot and as I got older and took off on my own, taking photos wherever I went, I’d return from a trip and show them to my mother, she would always ask, “where are the people!” I’d have all these pictures of the things that inspired me: trees, grasses, plants, flowers and landscapes, but almost none of my friends, the people I met.  I just could never, and still can't get over the textures, shapes and colors that nature provides all over the world.  Needless to say, it wasn't before long that I found my people in flowers.  

What is your favorite flower?

The beach roses that grow in the dunes out east in Long Island. The ocean is a tremendous inspiration for me and there’s something magical about the bright magenta and white blooms against the backdrop of dunes and surf, they are such a strong flower, and the Rose Hips they produce are just as amazing.  

Favorite New York experience?

Attending the ballet at Lincoln Center. From the moment you enter the theater to when you exit with the crowd through the fountains back into City- it’s like a dream. That’s a feeling you can only get in New York and it really never gets old.

Last stamp in your passport?

The island of Cyprus, where my mother’s family is from. We often return to our village where the people’s relationship to plants and flowers is spectacular. It’s amazing what they can coax out of the dry, arid soil up in the mountains, whether it’s grapes for wine or ouzo, olives and lemons for well, everything, or the geraniums, gardenias, bougainvillea that grow naturally. I try to get back as much as possible.

Stones or Beatles?

Stones- Because ‘Lovin’ Cup’- and all of ‘Exile on Main Street’ really.